Operation Lumi'nor Press Kit

Author Bio

Michael Juschke is an IT engineer with a keen interest in technology and science fiction, but his writings also include general fiction and poetry.

Operation Lumi’nor, was partly written during a NaNoWriMo event held at the Armadale City Library.

Other works include  short story "Dawn of the Jarlinth Heroes", and short story  “Edge of Darkness”, which received a Commendation at the 2012 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards.

Michael lives in Mt Richon, and is married to poet and artist Julienne Juschke. Julienne is a regular poem contributor to Creative Connections

Back Cover Blurb

"Laura fired two quick bursts from her handgun. The alien critter collapsed in a heap on the floor, all eight legs and two arms sprawled to the side. She jumped to her feet and threw herself at the pilot's seat. A red light began to flash, and a noisy alarm indicated a target lock on the ship. The enemy frigate fired as Laura hit the hyperspace jump initiator button."

Two galactic powers. A centuries-old war. Earth in the firing line.

Exhausted from the last major battle decades ago, an undeclared truce is holding between the Galactic Freedom Federation and the Protectorate of Independent Star Systems. But suddenly the power balance has shifted.

A group deep within the NSA has secretly activated an ancient space transport network, and made contact with the Federation. Realizing that the ancient network spans across both Federation and Protectorate territories, the Federation quickly allies itself with the NSA operatives.

For the Protectorate there is now only one choice: Find and destroy Earth before they can help the Federation launch attacks via the ancient network.

So far the NSA has managed to keep Earth's location secret, but it won't last. They will have to come up with a plan to neutralize the growing Protectorate threat, while trying to keep their activities hidden from the rest of the world and even from their own president.

As the NSA's plan is nearing completion, Laura Hunter and her conspiracy buff friends stumble into their clutches while investigating the disappearance of a friend. Given little choice but to enlist, they join the pre-emptive strike on Lumi'nor, the capital planet of the Protectorate.

But things don't go to plan.

Shot down and stranded, the survivors discover a terrible truth that will determine the future of Earth. But they might never be able to expose it. Someone is hunting them.

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