A Brother's Deed Press Kit

Author Bio

Michael Juschke is an IT engineer with a keen interest in technology and science fiction, but his writings also include general fiction and poetry.

Other works include novel "Operation Lumi'nor", the first novel of the Tal'ori'gan Quest series, and short story  “Edge of Darkness”, which received a Commendation at the 2012 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards.

Michael lives in Mt Richon, and is married to poet and artist Julienne Juschke. Julienne is a regular poem contributor to Creative Connections

Back Cover Blurb

Three months ago her fiancé died in an airlock incident.
Two weeks ago her father, owner of the galaxy's largest arms corporation, was found dead in his office.
Now someone is trying to kill her.

Press Releases


  Jil dropped the Sizzler and jerked up the slug thrower. A lung-full of smoke choked her. Woozy, eyes burning, vision distorted with tears, she fired almost blindly. Cracking impacts suggested the heavy slugs were punching through the humanoid’s weakened armor.
  Taking in smoke and boiling air, her lungs burned like fire, breathing through her sleeve was useless. She needed to restore power to get the anti-fire running, and the air cycled, and she needed to do it now.
   The main controls were on the other side, past the attacker. Was he dead? She squinted into the room, barely able to see. Against her will, her aching body took a huge breath, starting a wave of suffocating coughs. He better be dead.
   With a grunt, she jumped to her feet and stumbled into the room. There he was. Did his arm just move? She stopped mid-step. Maybe it was just her bleary eyes. A raking cough made the room spin, she collapsed and crashed to the ground, gasping for air.
   The red flashing light on the wall console was close, so close. She willed herself forward, on her arms and knees, crawling, dragging herself up on the wall, squinting at the blurry red splotch. The main power panel should be right below it. Her legs shook and buckled. Sliding down the wall, she slapped her hand against the panel.
   Did it activate? Her head was too heavy to look