Privacy Policy

This site uses Google Analytics for the purpose of me getting an idea of how much usage my sites gets, and which pages attract interest and which do not. The Google Analytics enabled on this site includes the Google Analytics Display Advertising Feature, which may utilise additional information that Google may have previously collected elsewhere, to improve the statistics that are presented to me.

I have enabled these features in order to get anonymous statistics on how my pages are accessed. I do not expect to receive identifiable information. However, should it occur that Google Analytics, for any reason, discloses any information that is not anonymous in nature, I will treat such information fully confidential, and will never disclose that information to third parties, unless compelled to do so under the law via a court order.

Please be aware that the information collected via Google Analytics is maintained by Google, not by me, and is subject to Google's privacy policy. As with any information, it is possible that information my be collected from or disclosed to third parties.

This site does not collect information from its visitors other than what is collected by Google.