"Short-term" worker retiring after 43 years of faithful service

posted 3 May 2016, 01:48 by M Juschke   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 02:04 ]

When he took his first job in the food industry in 1973, it was supposed to be a short-term position. He knew they were looking for someone with better qualifications, but hadn't been able to find anyone.
When his expected replacement failed to materialise even after several years, he assumed the boss was happy, and so he just kept on working. The position was good, and he was happy. His spot in the food-prep area had a bit of a view through the main door, and the work pressure was much less than the guys slaving in the dark back corners.
He had a few scares over the years with injuries that could easily have rendered him unfit for work, but due to expert care, paid for by his boss, he always quickly recovered and returned to duty. Rumour has it, though, that he was always worried that he might be deemed redundant, or might become useless. So he never took holidays, except when the entire side was forced to take time off due to a major incident at the last station. He also never took a sickie, and only ever reported ill when it was a genuine emergency.

Today he had to retire.
His health had been in decline, and the doctor had warned that in his state the risk of sustaining a potentially fatal injury was significant.
After lengthy consideration, it was decided that the best course of action was to finally extract him from his lifetime position.

So after 43 years, my last remaining baby tooth finally clocked off from work.
He will now be enjoying his retirement on a comfortable piece of cloth in a transparent case with 360 degree views :-)

baby tooth picture